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Movienizer helps you keep your movie collection organized
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Movienizer is an application that helps you keep your movie collection organized. The program is designed for cinephiles and provides the proper tools to add and learn additional information related to each video.

What's great about this tool is the ability to perform an instant Internet search and supply your database with the most recent data. This way you will know at any moment the latest news with reference to movies, actors, directors, and other related issues. The benefit is that you find all these information gathered at one location, namely within Movienizer.

The web-like interface lets you easily navigate through your collection. Apart from being a customized catalog reflecting your movie preferences, this application also helps you keep track of your videos. Thus, if you keep the records up to date, you will find out on the spot the location of a particular movie. To be more accurate, you will know whether the movie you are looking for is stored on your computer, borrowed to a friend, or on the shelf on DVD support. In addition, you can rate the videos you already saw, as well as save the online ratings given by other viewers. This will help you decide whether a movie is worth watching or it should be moved to a dull list.

As with most programs that gather a collection of items, you are capable to search through your database. A smart engine displays the results according to one or more selected criteria. Furthermore, this utility comes with a built-in player which allows you to watch the videos stored on your computer and take screenshots of memorable scenes.

To sum up, this is a good application created for movie lovers. It enables you to develop a personal video database and to perform a documentary research on movie related issues.

Ioana Dumitrescu
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  • Movie organizer.
  • Keeps track of your videos.
  • Built-in video player.
  • Documentary research on movie related issues


  • It is pretty expensive
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